Group purchasing for small and medium sized businesses in the UK hospitality trade

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Back in September 2009 Crowd Purchasing was launched

We recognised that small and medium sized businesses within the hospitality industry in the UK were being overcharged and underserved by suppliers on essential goods and services.
Our goal was to build a collective to leverage lower costs, mitigate poor service from suppliers and provide outsourced purchasing expertise.
Since then we’ve helped more than 250 hotels, restaurants, pubs and golf clubs reduce costs on spend categories such as food, drink, waste collection, cleaning and laundry from a network of approved national and regional suppliers.

We are food and drink purchasing experts

Our specialism is food and drink procurement but our service extends to spend categories such as waste collection, cleaning products, laundry, washroom services and catering equipment.
We work with a network of approved national and regional suppliers so working with us will not compromise your commitment to local sourcing.
We also partner with a range of category specialists on areas such as utilities and merchant services.

Leveraging significantly lower costs

We harness the collective purchasing power of our clients to leverage significantly lower costs from our nominated suppliers without compromising quality or service.
Our service is free, there is no annual membership fee, we do not share in savings we deliver and there are no contractual obligations to consider – there is no catch.

Monitoring purchases, benchmarking prices

Regularly appraising costs is an essential ingredient for any successful business yet most independent hospitality businesses have limited purchasing power with suppliers and limited resource to monitor key performance metrics – that’s what we do.
We monitor our client’s purchases and benchmark supplier’s prices week-in, week-out.


Go-to purchasing resource

Most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford dedicated purchasing resource.
As our income is derived solely from rebates agreed with our nominated suppliers our clients consider us an unsalaried extension to their existing purchasing function – outsourced purchasing expertise.
If supply related issues do occur we’re on hand to help get things back on track.

Bespoke management reporting

There are two ways to improve margin; increase prices or reduce costs.
It is important the business owner is aware of the composition of their spend, only then can considered purchasing decisions be made.
We pull data from suppliers to provide the bill-payer with a consolidated quarterly dashboard report – a powerful management tool to help achieve gross profit targets.


Powerful market insight

To help negotiate best price and to keep our clients informed we subscribe to market data from authority sites such as Defra , Seafish and The Potato Council  to produce comprehensive market reports.
We use this insight to constantly evaluate our client’s prices and challenge suppliers ensuring fair and competitive prices – always.


Please click here for our latest market report.

Improved customer service

Our clients maintain a direct relationship with our nominated suppliers but mitigate the risk of poor service.
What’s more we supplement the service they receive from suppliers maintaining an ongoing customer care schedule.
Our goal is to identify, escalate and address any supply related issues saving our client’s time and hassle.

Our customers

“Crowd benchmarked our spend on dry goods and frozen foods and identified a significant cost saving opportunity so we went back to our incumbent supplier and challenged them to reduce our current costs by almost 20%.”

Neil Rowlands, White Bear, Warlingham

“Crowd help us obtain maximum value for our used cooking oil.  We get a WTN note issued with all collections and a regular and reliable service from one of their approved suppliers.”

Richard English, Cavendish Arms, Cartmel

“Crowd Purchasing benchmarked our current grocery and fruit & veg prices and proposed a change of suppliers resulting in cost savings of more than 10%. The whole process was managed smoothly without interruption to supply and without compromising quality or service.”

Tony Hunter, Rosie’s Diner, Leeds

“I’ve known Alex for a long time and he was the first person I contacted when evaluating potential food suppliers for Coho. Alex benchmarked the quotes I had received from suppliers and helped us obtain significantly lower costs.”

James Wilson, Coho Cafe, Brighton

“Crowd helped extricate us from our complex waste contract and reduce our tariff by more than 50%.  They managed the changeover to a new supplier with no service disruption.”

Paula Cook, Mojo, Leeds

“We were recommended to make contact with Crowd by one of their former clients and were rewarded with a 10% cost reduction on our drinks spend without having to change suppliers. Furthermore, we managed to hold our prices for a year negating a proposed cost price increase from the wholesaler.”

Sheila Benson, Pruno Restaurant, Liverpool

“Following a benchmarking exercise of our current food suppliers Crowd highlighted a cost saving opportunity of 16% on fruit & veg.  We changed to Crowd’s nominated fruit & veg supplier in August 2013 and we’re still using them today.”
Leighton Walker, Chippenham Golf Club, Wiltshire
“Having a direct line to the senior people at the company makes for an excellent working relationship and their solid partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry provide a level of sustainable yield which we have not found to be the case with other purchasing companies.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Crowd to other companies who want the buying power of a large firm with the accountability of a well run SME.”
Ben Elder, Chateau Impney Hotel, Droitwich Spa

Partner Program

Crowd Purchasing is actively looking to appoint partners across the UK to offer our procurement services to small and medium sized businesses in the hospitality sector.
We’re confident that by partnering with Crowd Purchasing you will add value to your existing service and build an attractive, recurring revenue stream for your business.
Every one of the UK’s 200,000 hospitality businesses is a potential customer and business opportunity.
Interested? Contact us for more details




Crowd Purchasing is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire but we have representation across the UK.  If you would like to learn more about our service please contact the person nearest to you to arrange a suitable time to meet.
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