How to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

03 Jul How to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

For businesses in the UK hospitality trade the cost of business gas and business electricity is a real drain on finance and beware the dreaded rollover trap as you may find yourself paying more for business energy than you should.However, there are ways to reduce your energy spendand here are five different suggestions to help you manage your energy costs and reduce them.

Talk to your supplier

There are so many different energy supplies out there; it isn’t just a seller’s market. You have a business and they all want to supply your business energy and so it’s important toget on and stay on the best tariff for your business. Be aware of your contract end dates and make sure you shop around, look at the different packages on offer and then invite offers from energy suppliers and get them competing against one another to drive down the cost of your business gas and business electricity.

Energy efficient lights

Lights can add up to around 60% of your energy bills, especially when you run a business in the food industry that operates primarily in the evening.  But you can reduce the cost of keeping the lights on in your business by introducing low power LED lights instead of regular bulbs or by using energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. These use less power than their standard counterparts, so will help reduce your energy costs, as well as being more eco-friendly.

Energy efficient equipment

When replacing fridges, freezers and other equipment, purchasing energy efficient and higher rated appliances will mean that your power costs get driven down. If you are still using older models, it may be worth replacing them to cash in on the energy savings, as often these can greatly outweigh the cost of buying new equipment.

Light Sensors

Have light sensors installed, though there is an outlay cost, you will more than earn back your investment in the money you save. Having light sensors fitted in corridors, kitchens and storage areas means that you won’t have problems with people forgetting to turn off lights. They automatically turn on when they detect movement and turn off a set time after movement has finished.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to help lower your energy costs. Not only are there grants and other incentives out there which help with the cost of having solar panels fitted, for those businesses that operate during the day as well as the evening, you can see a dramatic reduction in your bills. You can also sell power back to the national grid if you find you are producing more than you are using. For food outlets that only have limited opening hours during the day, you may find it helps offset costs even more.

If you need help getting on and staying on the right business energy deal for your business call us for free, impartial advice today.